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American Optical provided practitioners with artwork about the history of eyecare

Custom displays addressed every vision need, from eyeglasses for students to sun protection for outdoors enthusiasts. AO also brought eyecare education into the home, by creating a hobby kit sold to youngsters in the Sears catalog. But even practitioners needed education, and to fill that need AO entered into the publishing business, issuing texts on ocular health for the medical field.

“These displays and documents highlight a fascinating chapter in the history of eyecare,” comments ZEISS vice president Karen Roberts. “Many of them could be just as effective today in raising awareness.”

“We continue to focus on education today, “Roberts adds, “Our educational campaigns continue to evolve through the digital internet age and have advanced beyond traditional media. ZEISS are proud to have set the standard for trustworthy advice in the last century and aim to do the same in this one.”