The Optical Heritage Museum has thousands of items within their collections and displays including microscopes, Lensometers, multifocal and antique spectacles. They highlight incredible moments in history and without these scientific discoveries our lives would be very different.

The importance of optics within society is so intrinsically linked to our everyday lives that we seldom think of its importance because it is so common place. However, every day our lives are improved by the inventions, many of which were created by American Optical, ZEISS or SOLA. These include anti-reflective coating on our mobile phones, clock faces, iPad, computer and television screens. Other inventions in the medical field include powerful microscopes for diagnosis and research, world safety standards and specialized glass used in car windshields to name a few examples, to the first blood pumping machineā€¦optics has helped save millions lives and continues to do so today. 

Visit the Optical Heritage Museum and take a journey through time, discovering the fascinating origins of not just the optical industry, but the history behind the many simple household items we take for granted today.